The Best Lubes: As recommended by a Specialist

Total disclosure here: I came across this lube smart phrase at work and thought “Wow! This is so helpful! I’ll bet that most patients that need this list won’t ever get it because they are too afraid to ask.” As an oncology nurse, I’ve seen more boobs and vaginas and penises than I can remember and not once have I broken out into a giggle. They are just facts of life. I strongly encourage you to find a doctor you can talk to about any healthcare concerns you have if you don’t already have that type of relationship with one.

Dry vag doesn’t only happen after menopause (due to a decrease in hormone production). All kinds of medications and medical diagnoses can cause the Land Down Under to turn into the Sahara Desert, including chemotherapy and allergy medications. It’s important to note that all lube wasn’t created equally. Certain lubricants, like KY, can change your pH. You also need to note that the recommendations are different if you are using it for walking around with a dry vag versus for sex. If you are experiencing vag dryness (and there isn’t an issue that needs correction, like dehydration), here are the best recommended lubricants (from Gynecologic Oncology at Stanford):

We recommend the following vaginal moisturizers which can be used daily to help maintain vaginal moisture without intercourse.  We recommend that these be used daily for 2 weeks and then reduced to 2-3 times weekly for maintenance.

REPLENS ($31.09 for 2.7 oz.): Can be purchased at any drugstore or on Amazon

RepHresh ($14.22 for 4 bottles of 0.07 oz): Can be purchased at any drugstore or on Amazon:

Luvena: ($13.91 for 1.3 oz.): Can be purchased at any drugstore or on Amazon

Halo GYN- can be purchased from website ($27 for 30g):

We recommend the following silicone-based lubricants to use during intercourse which can provide a better moisture barrier than the more common water-based lubricants (KY, etc.).

Pjur Med Soft Glide ($26.25 + shipping for 100ml)- German


PINK SILICONE Lubricant - Hypoallergenic Silicone-Based Lubricant Enriched With Aloe Vera & Vitamin E For Maximum Comfort And Long-Lasting ($23.44 for 4.7 oz.)


Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricating Gel: ($14.00 for 8.5 oz): ***BEST DEAL***($1.65 / Fl Oz). This one would be a good option if you are looking for something the most natural, but read the reviews.


Uberlube: ($28 for 100ml). This one looks the fanciest.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 1.46.23 PM.png

May no one ever have a dry vagina ever again!! Thanks for reading. I am always on the lookout for tips of any kind for ladies, so if you have a product or tip that makes your life better, please send it my way!

-Traci, the Poppie Lady