Diet Coke Taste Off!


ABSTRACT: I have always believed that fountain fresh Diet Coke from In N Out is superior to a can or bottle, and my sister (Shanni) prefers McDonald’s to all else, but can is closely behind. How often an establishment cleans their soda machine and their Diet Coke to carbonation ratio is critical to taste. We decided to put our skills to the test and find out if we could recognize our favorites.

METHODS: One party drove to (in the following order): Chipotle, In N Out, McDonalds and 7-11 and filled cups (NO ice) with Diet Coke. One can was retrieved from the refrigerator. Each was placed over a single large cube of ice in a glass cup. Participants were blind folded and tasted each location’s Diet Coke in a random order.

STUDY LIMITS: The Diet Cokes were not tasted in their native cups, nor were they paired with their usual ice and native straw, which can have significant effect on taste. Additionally, the carbonation was effected by the time between pour and video (60-80 minutes).

RESULTS: See Video.

CONCLUSION: I am dissatisfied with the results and we will need to repeat the study, with each beverage in their native cups with their corresponding ice. We will need the equal amount of time in between each pour and taste. Also, of note, I have spoken with the IN N Out manager of our closest location, who has assured me that he will be looking into the Diet Coke situation, as I believe the Diet Coke did not taste as good as it has in the past or it does at other locations. (Thanks Chad Floyd!).