Pike's Place in your Livingroom


If you have ever been to or heard about Pike’s Place in Seattle, you know if is the birthplace of Starbucks and the home to some of the fanciest snacks in America. I was lucky enough to go on my Bachelorette party and returned to visit Seattle Cancer Care Alliance with a friend. Although the trips were for very different reasons, one thing was the same: delicious snacks make your day better. It’s great to have these delicacies available to you while in Seattle, but what if I told you that you could enjoy them in your living room at 1am in your undies? “Sign me up!” is right!!!

Beechers Flagship Cheese:

YO YO YO, You can find it at COSTCO!!! This is the most amazing cheddar. It’s fancy enough to stand on it’s own curds, and humble enough to submit itself into a grilled cheese.


Beecher’s Mac and Cheese.

It was on Oprah’s Favorite Things list… need I say more? If I had a list, it would be on mine too, but Oprah really should be enough for you. Available at Select Whole Foods! You will dream about this Mac and Cheese later.


Lastly: Ellenos Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt. They serve this more like ice cream and it is exactly that delicious. I have never tasted greek yogurt (or yogurt) (or ALMOST ice cream) that is this decadent. It is creamy and tart and tropical and DELICIOUS. There is a place called “Surfing Goat Diary” in Maui and they make a Passion Fruit Quark that costs a kidney to ship and this is just as good as that. Do yourself a favor and see if your local Whole Foods carries this for $3.99.


If you spy any other Pike’s Place delicacies out and about, please let me know!!!