Laundry Day Tips!

It’s Laundry Day!!! (Which happens to be days that end in Y in my house).

A compilation of the very best Laundry and Stain Removing Tips I have received

My favorite way to Go Green is to try to avoid fast fashion and purchase quality pieces or buy used when I can (especially for baby). Because of that, laundry/stain removal is huge for me. I also don’t want to get upset if Cohen actually plays in his outfits and gets them dirty. I also will spend more money on clothing for myself if I know the item is going to last a long time and when I do, I want to take great care of that item to get the most bang for my buck.

Meet the Dream Team: Stains don’t stand a chance against my favorite duo, and the sweater comb helps knits looking like new.

Meet the Dream Team: Stains don’t stand a chance against my favorite duo, and the sweater comb helps knits looking like new.


The Laundress Sweater Comb: I’ve heard of the Laundress has a store in New York and that would be such a dream to go! I love fancy household products! This comb works wonders at those annoying little sweater balls/pilling that happen on sweaters and other items. Seriously, it will make my janky sweaters look like new! Hold one portion of the sweater taught and pull firmly across the sweater.

The Laundress Stain Brush: This little brush is awesome for removing stains. I use it with the Fels Naptha Bar. $10

Fels Naptha Bar: This bar is a little magic maker. Work it up into a bit of a lather and scrub into your stain. Repeat once, then use the Laundress Stain Brush (or a cheap plastic pedicure brush) to scrub into your stain. If it is an old or particularly set-in stain, place the item outside in the sun for a few hours with the soap in place (this REALLY works to lighten stains!). Bring in, then wash regularly. $1.59

Blue Dawn is the best for grease/food stains.

Blue Dawn is the best for grease/food stains.

Blue Dawn Dish Soap (can be purchased almost anywhere) is awesome at working on greasy or food stains. Use a few drops with a little water and scrub with your stain brush. You can also lay in the sun to work on stains for 1-2 hours.

Forever New Fabric Wash: This detergent is great for sink washes of swimsuits and bras (and any delicates). You should wash your swimsuit after every use to keep the elastic in great working order and to prevent the suit from stretching out or being eaten away by chlorine. A scootch of this soap plus a sink full of tepid water= the recipe to keeping your items looking Forever New;)

TRAVEL TIP: You can purchase 20 of the powder single use packets from Amazon for $16 and these are PERFECT to keep in your travel bag to help you properly wash your swim suit after use and/or undies and bras for longer trips. Because it’s powder, you can leave packed in your toiletries bag!

Forever New Baby: This is the sister wash to Forever New and is perfect for baby outfits, blankets and Solly Wraps. It deodorizes and helps maintain the quality of your baby items. It is organic, hypoallergenic, and COMPLIES with Proposition 65 (unlike many other popular baby detergents).

Tip: ONLY wash baby, delicate, or cotton items with other delicates and NEVER with any items that have zippers or buttons. Combining those items can cause little holes in your blankets and clothing. (Every had mystery holes in your clothes? It’s from washing with zippers!).

I much prefer the Clean Cotton scent, but if you like, they also have an unscented version ($18 for the 32 oz. bottle, also available to in travel size).

Kathy J. swears by these 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls from Trader Joes (what is good that doesn’t come from TJs?!). They make your clothes dry FASTER (less exposure to heat), reduce static and soften fabric. She also adds a few drops of lavender essential oil to leave a faint scent on her laundry (YUM). They are around $12 for 4.

Lavender Sachet from NancyEllenStudios on Etsy.

Lavender Sachet from NancyEllenStudios on Etsy.

Another option to get more of that lavender scent is a lavender sachet: I toss it in the dryer for loads like sheets or baby blankets and the clothes come out smelling subtly of lavender! Makes me feel one step closer to my dream of running a Bed and Breakfast! The best part is the laundry vent pushes air out near our front door, so when my lavender laundry is running, guests coming in get to walk through aromatherapy!

Happy Laundering!! Have you tried any of these? Did they work for you? Do you have any other favorite laundry tips or tricks that I haven’t heard yet?


Please comment below!! I’m always looking for new tips! XOXO -Traci