Mama Strut


Pinchy, Hard to Put on

Unsponsored Review of Mamastrut. Image from

Unsponsored Review of Mamastrut. Image from


“Mama Strut is a wearable soft brace that is uniquely engineered to deliver heat/ice therapy to reduce birth pain, swelling and cramping from vaginal deliveries, c-sections and vaginal prolapse, while also supporting the back and abdomen with multi-directional adjustable compression. Designed by a Mom of three to offer women increased relief and mobility after childbirth.”

I REALLY wanted to love this contraption. I wanted to be super prepared for my C-Section and love that this was created by a mama. To be clear, I had a C-section and this is only my personal experience with it. I saw it on Facebook targeted advertising and was told my Kaiser doctor could order it (they wouldn’t/couldn’t). I didn’t care and wanted it so badly that I paid out of pocket ($129.99 + $12.99 for abdominal Ice pack as I had a C-Section). I ordered it the very second I could (I think they recommend around 34 weeks or so). You can order a free sizing kit to make sure you get the correct size. I measured myself and had the owner consult to advise me on the best size to get.

My biggest issue with the Mamastrut (I’n going to refer to it as MS) was that is was SO HARD to put on in the hospital. I put it on (with the help of my husband), then put on leggings over it to go home. You could TOTALLY see the Mamastrut under my leggings. For some reason I wanted to take it off for the car ride (I think it was pinching me) and it was SO hard to take off my leggings and then the Mamastrut. (First strike: hard to put on/take off).

Next, I have very wide hips and it would always leave a crease/dig into me at the line where I sit down. When I stood up, it was still folded over at that spot and I would have to awkwardly try to shimmy down the shorts part and pull up the tummy girdle part. When I was wearing the MS, it would frequently be digging into my skin at different places. I do not believe the MS I got was too small, because there was plenty of fabric left to make it go larger. (Second + Third strikes: digging and pinching).

The Pinchiest parts for me (RED) and where it would create a fold (white). Original photo from

The Pinchiest parts for me (RED) and where it would create a fold (white). Original photo from

In summary, I tried to wear my Mamastrut about 6-7 different times (I’m telling you, I REALLY wanted it to be helpful), but it was always uncomfortable and I ended up just using the girdle/abdominal binder the hospital gave me (you can ask for an extra one before you go home!) and compression undies. All of my Postpartum recommendations are here:

I am pretty hippy so I will say that theres a chance it’s way more comfortable if you have more of an athletic (straight up+down/no hips) build.

Have you tried the Mamastrut? What did you think??