Cocofloss: Vanilla Party Review

Five Word Review: Vanilla Dreams, Coconut Clean Smile

A year or two ago I discovered Cocofloss in Real Simple Magazine and my life has never been the same (at least… my dental hygiene life, which is basically my whole life). Once I tried Cocofloss, I have never looked back. When we travelled and I had forgotten my floss and tried my husband’s Glide floss, I shuttered to think that is how I used to live. Cocofloss is somehow hearty and silky at the same time. The flavors are deluxe, which makes me fee a little EXTRA right before bed. I usually purchase the coconut flavor but also love the strawberry and mint that I purchased in travel sizes to use and share (you can find at Sephora, Anthropologie, and direct from Cocofloss). They say it’s like a loofah for your smile and I couldn’t agree more. I have extra-tight teeth (when I’m at the dentist and they try to floss me I end up saying “just let me do it myself!” after they awkwardly try to shove floss in between my teeth to no avail). I expect a lot if I’m going to take the time to floss and Cocofloss does not disappoint.

Cocofloss came out with a holiday floss party…which sounds a little random but it is such a fun gift and is perfect for the vanilla lover in your life. When my Floss Party arrived I was a little surprised with the large quantity of coffee and vanilla powder in the kit…it wasn’t long before I realized I could bring it to work to share… and pretty soon the oncology nurses and our patients receiving chemo had a frothy, tasty vanilla drink to enjoy. The pack also includes a vanilla bath bomb. Honestly, I’m really relieved I read the directions before I used it because I came THIS close to eating the bath bomb as it looks eerily similar to a Russian Tea cookie. I am happy to report I did end up using it in the bath and it smelled like heaven. Last but not least, it includes TWO of the holiday flavor of Vanilla Cocofloss, which smells like a marshmallow but is somehow healthy for your smile. I’m not asking questions.


If you are looking for an upgrade to your morning and nightly routine, I would definitely recommend Cocofloss. If you are looking for a gift for that vanilla lover in your life, or a thank-you for your weekend hosts, try the Vanilla Floss Party!