Food Sensitivity Test

5 Word Review: LIFE CHANGING, Worth Every Penny

EverlyWell Unsponsored Review

EverlyWell Unsponsored Review


The EverlyWell Food sensitivity test is an “at-home test measures your body’s IgG response to 96 foods to help provide guidance on what foods may be the best to eliminate.” It costs $199, but I believe I had a 20% coupon around Black Friday. My husband was convinced that he had a dairy intolerance because once he had eliminated dairy from his diet (including his morning yogurt) and he was feeling a LOT better. Mind you, cheese is our main food group here in our household so this was a BIG diet change and sacrifice. He was livin that dairy-free life but still not feeling great (but better). I saw a discount code for the Food Sensitivity Test, had an “aha” moment and ordered it as a sort of early Christmas present last year. We have Kaiser insurance and they would never pay for something like this.

You do a finger stick, squeeze a few drops onto the provided card and mail it back (regular mail). His results arrived within a few days and he said “the test is totally wrong.” It showed he had a mild intolerance to honey and brewer’s yeast (his top 2). He decided to pay attention to those ingredients in what he ate and OH. MY. GOODNESS. He became a new man. We realized his morning yogurt’s top ingredient was honey and that the beer he was drinking regularly was high in brewer’s yeast. That meant he did NOT have a dairy intolerance and he could have all the Mt Tam triple cream brie, Laura Chenel goat cheese, and Irish cheddar his heart desired.

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The results of the test guided C.J. to what he should avoid (honey and brewer’s yeast) and gave him back the ability to eat dairy. All in all, I would say the $160 (or even the full price of $200) was a small price to pay for a lifetime of cheese enjoyment and symptom reduction from avoiding honey and yeast.

It looks like EverlyWell has around 29 tests to choose from inclusing fertility, women’s + men’s health and STD testing. You don’t have to give your full/real name to send it in.